We are all tangled in an intricate web of influences, connected through a network of events, places, experiences, people, and objects, beyond the restraints of time. The Life Paintings, consisting of magnified images of flowers, are the third body of related work that examines this philosophy. (Shadows documents the passage of time and memory; Portraits defines the relationships that bind seemingly unconnected lives.)

Life Paintings underscores the impact that one person’s life, no matter how temporary or fragile, can have on others. The meticulously brushed oil paintings are titled after the birth date (and death date in some cases) of an individual whose beautiful existence is represented by the work.

The visual depth of each piece projects the flowers through the foreground, inviting the viewer into the image, into the subject’s life. Although the flowers are of different varieties, some quiet, some vivacious, depending on the subject’s personality, each flower exudes vibrancy, vitality, energy…

Some of the people who have most colored my own life are no longer alive, but painting a flower in full bloom, capturing a moment when they were in their splendor, immortalizes the impermanent. The blossom itself dies long before the painting is complete, yet the image remains for others to see and admire. It is the same with posterity—the positive impact of one person’s existence continues for future generations.


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